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Chesed CommitteeThe Committee will focus on these four key areas, each led by committee leader: 

1. Bereaved Families (i.e. shiva): Leader - Stan Sharvit.  This sub committee's priority is to develop a new roster of, and provide training to, members able to lead shiva services. 

2. Kosher Food Bank: Co-leaders - Orly Kahane-Rappaport and Ellin Bessner.  Goal is to explore the possibility of establishing a kosher food bank on the Lebovic Campus and continuing BeitRayim's efforts to provide kosher food to the Pride of Israel Food bank through our food drives. 

3. Bikur Cholim (visiting the ill and "shut ins"). Leader - Stephanie Lerner.  This sub-committee's main goal is to develop a plan to identify those in need and those willing to visit. 

4. Community Service, i.e. Habitat for Humanity. Leader - Irv Siegel.  Goal is to identify opportunities of need and work with other Committees where appropriate, e.g. Youth, Brotherhood, Sisterhood, to participate and support worthwhile charitable activities in the community at large. 

Our goal is twofold; first we need volunteers to participate in the committees, second let us know if you know of someone who needs assistance.


Beit Rayim is publishing it's first 

Yizkor Book 

 to honour the memory of family members and anyone dear to us that we recite Yizkor for.   

Beit Rayim Yizkor Book

to print flyer, click here 

The Chesed Committee, consists of many selfless individuals who give of their time to help our members when they are in crisis. They attend funerals, visit shivas, and see people in the hospital when they are sick.

The mandate of the Chesed Committee is to provide services to our members in times of need such as the death of a family member and illness. In addition to assisting Beit Rayim members with shiva services including leading the davening, providing the necessary prayer books and making shiva visits, Chesed Committee members have been involved in numerous initiatives of a social action nature.

Yasher Koach to the current volunteers of the Chesed Committee! We are always looking and welcoming new recruits. If any of these endeavours appeal to you, call the Synagogue office at 905-303-5471 or email us. 

The Postal Code Food Drive
Co-leaders - Orly Kahane-Rappaport and Ellin Bessner. Three to four times a year our members are called upon to donate food or funds to the Kosher Food Bank at the Pride of Israel. Their contributions are collected by volunteers who live in the same postal code area. If you want to participate, call the Synagogue office at 905-303-5471 or email us. 

Seniors - Spark Program
The Sparks Program is run by Bavyiew Corridor Synagogues.  This programme involves visiting an elderly person at Baycrest once on Sunday mornings and having a Torah study session prior to the visit and a debriefing meeting after. If you want to participate or help click here for Bayview Corridor's website.

Out of the Cold Program
The 'Out of the Cold' program helps those less fortunate than ourselves. Their Executive Director is Rehana Sumar at 416-948-6682. If you want to participate or help their website is www.miotc.ca.