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Harris Korn - Committee Chair

The role of the Communications Chair is: 

 -  to keep members informed about important events (both social and religious)
 -  to keep members informed about updates  happening at our Synagogue
 -  to ensure that the general public is aware of who we are, what we do, and events of interest
 -  to raise the profile of the organization to the committee at large, a role that will become more and more active over the next several months as we move towards our future in our new facility

The communication committee achieves these goals through the transmitting of information through various sources and mediums. Information is disseminated to the congregation in many ways, including our Shabbat flyer that is available at Saturday morning services, our new and improved website, an award-winning quarterly newsletter, our Facebook page as well as our weekly eblast.

The committee oversees and consults with all other Beit Rayim committees to convey the messages of the directives and events of different aspects of our Synagogue, all in the interest of reaching the most people in our community and strengthening the community as a whole.

Many events take place at Beit Rayim Synagogue - religious, social, and educational - and the members of our congregation need timely information on each event.

In our communications we welcome new members and send congratulations or condolences to our Congregants. You will find messages from our clergy, president and chairman of the board.  There is contact information for all of our committees chairs, organizers, volunteers and staff.  Interested in our Hebrew School or Youth programs?  This can also be found in all of our communications.  We even include a Jewish humour item, just for fun! 

Starting in September 2009, the Beit Rayim Bulletin moved to a new publication schedule of four times a year. Congregants can choose to receive a printed copy by mail as in the past, or an electronic copy by email instead. This new initiative gives you delivery in the manner you prefer, and is also good for the environment, as it will reduce the amount of paper that will end up in our landfills.

If you have an suggestions, comments or items that you would like to see included in any of our publications or on our website please submit those to Cheryl Green.

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For more information, call the Synagogue office at 905-303-5471.