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Judy Stein Volunteer Award

When Beit Rayim was but a fledgling synagogue in the early 1990's, there was a core group of instrumental people that got it off its feet. One of those founding members was Judy Stein. Judy was a devoted and tireless volunteer for Beit Rayim. She was a member of the Board of Directors, a member of the Executive of the Board of Directors, Sisterhood President, and a loving wife, mother and friend to everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her. Judy took charge of synagogue catering and helped many of our families with the planning their simchas at Beit Rayim. Judy was known for her hospitality, her generosity and her sense of humour. She gave of herself without seeking the limelight or personal accolades.

Sadly, we lost Judy to her battle with cancer. We, at Beit Rayim, were devastated, but were determined to turn the tragedy of Judy's untimely passing into something positive and inspirational to others. Thus, an annual in memorium award for the volunteer that best exemplifies Judy's spirit of volunteerism was established in 2000.

Every June since then we honour a member of Beit Rayim's congregation in the Adult and/or Youth Category with the Judy Stein Volunteer of the Year Award at a special Oneg Shabbat.  



Past winners have been:

2014: Cheryl Cepler and Miriam Raubvogel

2013:  Cheryl Green and Steffi Goodfield 

2012:  Madoka Steingart and Sony Nseiri 

2011: Janice and Stephen Cohen and Sandra Gold Millstein 

2010: Larry Miller and Tracy Handler

2009: Stephen Baron and Taylor Goodfield (Youth).

2008: Mark Teeger, Eliel Deutsh and Jillian Levick(Youth)

2007: Michael Levick and Henza Miller, Shoshana Deutsh and Rachel Szereszewski(Youth)

2006: Eva Blaff and Esther Salve-Hindel 

2005: Stephen Reisch and Chuck Ticker 

2004: Jeff Grosman and Sandra Solomon, Joanna Ticker (Youth)

2003: Karen Baron and Richard Levick(Youth)

2002: Sharon Deutsh and Bill Mandelman, Rachel Hindel and Dara Siegel (Youth)

2001: Cheryl Levick and Jonathan Grosman (Youth)

2000: Cheryl Cash, Phil Birnbaum(Youth), and Bernard Graham(Lifetime Achievement Award) 

We accept nominations each year for this prestigious award, so if you know of someone who has been an exceptional volunteer this year, both in and outside of Beit Rayim Synagogue and School, then please submit your nomination to the office.

If you are interested in serving on the Volunteer Committee, call the Synagogue office at  905-303-5471 or email us.